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About Me

About Robby Nelson

As a U.S. Army and Army Reserves veteran, I was instilled with integrity, dedication, and excellence values during my military service. These same core values drive everything I do at Robby the Camper Man, my veteran-owned business. These principles guide my approach, ensuring every customer receives the highest service and expertise.

My love affair with the outdoors began long before my foray into the camping industry. From an early age, I found solace and joy in nature's embrace, reveling in the freedom and adventure the great outdoors offered. This deep-rooted passion ultimately led me to embark on a new path eight years ago when I joined the team at Camping World in Anniston, AL.

Selling campers at Camping World allowed me to merge my enthusiasm for the outdoors with my desire to help others experience the same wonder and excitement I felt every time I ventured into nature's space. With a comprehensive understanding of the products and a genuine commitment to the camping lifestyle, I quickly built a reputation as a trusted advisor, guiding countless customers toward finding the perfect camper to suit their unique needs and aspirations.

Recognizing the need for accessible camping education and a platform to share my extensive knowledge, I recently embarked on an exciting endeavor – creating my very own radio show, "Ask The Camper Man." Broadcast twice a month on Rock 105.9 in Gadsden, Alabama. This show introduces local small businesses to the community while providing a space for fellow camping enthusiasts to ask questions and seek valuable insights. And the journey doesn't stop there! I'm currently working on expanding my reach by partnering with 95.1 The Mountain in Anniston, ensuring that even more outdoor adventurers can benefit from my expertise and passion for the camping lifestyle.

My love for the outdoors extends far beyond selling campers. It has even found its way into the culinary world through my collaboration with Cutter's Pizzeria in Oxford and Alexandria, Alabama. Here, I've created my very own signature pizza – the "Camper Man" – a delicious masterpiece featuring double toppings of hamburger meat, pepperoni, green and black olives, bell peppers, and onions, all atop a crispy cracker crust. This unique offering quickly became a local favorite, showcasing my creativity and dedication to providing memorable experiences.

I have a deep-rooted commitment to supporting and uplifting the local community. One initiative that holds particular significance for me is my sponsorship of MMA fighter Stephen Owens, who has recently turned professional and is preparing for his second professional fight. By backing local talent, I aim to include the spirit of camaraderie and encouragement that were hallmarks of my military background.

With a passion for outdoor adventures, a commitment to exceptional service, and a genuine desire to share my knowledge and experiences, I continue to blaze a trail in the camping industry and more. If you're searching for a new camper, seeking camping advice, craving a delicious pizza, or simply looking for inspiration, I, Robby the Camper Man, am here to serve as your trusted guide.

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