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Wash/Clean My RV, Oxford, Anniston, AL

There’s a general perception that the only time your RV needs cleaning is when you pull it out of storage for the next camping season. Your RV will need to be waxed regularly to keep it looking its best. At Robby The Camper Man, I provide washing, cleaning, and waxing services for your RV. I offer both interior and exterior washing. Besides, cleaning waxing is important for your RV to prevent UV damage and oxidation.

Benefits of Professional RV Cleaning

The length and height of most RVs make washing and waxing them a difficult task. The lack of proper equipment and tools means that proper waxing can take days. I have the right tools, training, and experience to deliver better than the desired results. And it takes me just a few hours to wash and detail your RV. My wash and wax service will leave your vehicle clean and protected for several months.

What it Includes?

My RV washing and cleaning services are available throughout Oxford Aniston, AL. I offer the following services as part of the job:

  • Thorough washing of all the exterior surfaces
  • Scrubbing roof and power washing
  • Complete removal of mild sap, tar, and bug
  • Opening and cleaning exterior storage compartments
  • Removing dirt and brake dust from tires, rims, and wheel wells
  • Hand drying synthetic chamois to remove water spots and streaks
  • Dressing tires to restore shine
  • Polishing chrome for a brilliant shine
  • Cleaning exterior mirrors and windows for a streak-free finish
  • Applying wax to protect the finish

I recommend RV washing and waxing at least twice a year. Even if you maintain your vehicle well, professional cleaning will keep chalky oxidation off. Besides, your home on wheels will look its absolute best.

Roof Care

As with a car, RV washing begins from the top. So as the grime rolls down the sides, it’ll not dirty up the already cleaned spot. The cleaning is done in smaller sections to wash away the soap suds before they get dry. I take special care to prevent any water stains.

Detailing Your RV

I use specialized and time-tested techniques and supplies to wash each area. Special attention is paid to the finer parts of the RV.

  • Automotive window cleaners are used to achieve clean and smudge-free results for transparent windows
  • Sealant conditioners are used for caring for the window, slide, and roof seals
  • Dry slide lubes are used to keep the bars of the slide-outs well-greased

When it comes to the wheels, I choose a cleaning agent based on what the rims are made of. Different materials are used for aluminum, steel, chrome, and enamel wheels. Tire shine is used to give additional sparkle and a jet-black finish.

While washing your RV, if I notice any damages that need repair, I’ll alert you.

If you want to learn more about my services or need a free quote for washing and waxing your RV, contact Robby The Camper Man today. I do much more than washing and cleaning and provide many other RV-related services. Call me today at 256-770-6111. I’ll be eager to answer any of your queries.

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*This service is only available within a 60 mile radius of the Oxford Anniston, Alabama area.

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