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Travel Trailers in Atlanta GA

Travel Trailers, Atlanta, GA

If you are looking to get a new RV, chances are you will be overwhelmed by all the different types of RVs available in the market. The travel trailer is one of the most sought-after RV types and for a good number of reasons. They are more affordable options than motorhomes and hitch to your vehicle. But that does not mean you will have to compromise on anything.

At Robby Nelson the Camper Man, we offer travel trailers with all the amenities including full kitchens, bedrooms, bunkhouses, and more. We offer travel trailers in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding towns and cities. We recommend you consider the following factors when choosing the right travel trailer for your traveling needs.

Consider the Size

The interior dimension and exterior size must be considered. It should be the right size and weight for your truck or car to be able to pull. Some of the related points to consider include:

  • The floor plans should fit your unique needs
  • The shower and bathroom should be large enough
  • The design must work with your vehicle
  • Pop-up campers are suited for cars and SUVs capable of towing up to a thousand pounds

Check whether your vehicle is rated to two the weight of the trailer you will be choosing. Also, add the weight of the items you will be loading into the trailer. 1000 pounds is considered as the recommended dry weight to be considered for all the items that will be added to the trailer.

Storage Space

There should be enough space for holding all the items you plan to take along. Storage space will help you stay organized during your travels. It will keep clutter away. If you have traveled in a camper ever you will already know how important a factor this one is?

Consider Your Lifestyle

What will you be doing in your trailer when traveling? Will you need a 4-season trailer for winter? How many people will you want to travel with you most of the time? Also, keep your height in mind when exploring the different options. Certain entry-level models may not offer the level of insulation you may need for your adventures.

Professional Help & Guidance

At Robby Nelson the Camper Man, we assist you in buying all types and sizes of travel trailers in Atlanta, GA. Our services extend over to most of the major towns and cities in the surrounding states too. Owned and run by an experienced motorhome expert, we help you in choosing the best new and used travel trailer campers that perfectly match your specific needs. From your custom budget to travel plans to preferences, we can evaluate everything to guide you professionally. We specialize in Gander RVs and can also help you find the perfect bargain.

For more information or to discuss your needs in detail, please call us today at 256 689 9076. If you want to send your query in detail, write to us using our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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